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During your stay

All the information while you are here with us!

Book our Party Area

See all information about our party room here


Rental subsidy

The rent subsidy is a form of financial support for tenants. The requirements are strict. They depend on your age, basic rent (net), income, assets, and type of housing. Check out all requirements here. You can request a trial calculation for housing assistance here

The maximum basic rent for tenants younger than 23 is €454.47 (in 2024). If you are older than 23, the maximum basic rent is currently €879.66 (in 2024). If your rent is below these limits, you can apply for housing benefit. Click here to get started:


You will need the DigiD for the application process. If you do not have it yet, apply for it here.

I have received a tax invoice! 

Forgot something when booking?

Bed linen package:

In case you have not pre-ordered the bed linen package with StudentStay, you can still do so! Please send us an Email.

You will fin all information here.



In case you have not pre-ordered a bike with StudentStay, you can still do so!
Please send us an Email. The price for a rental bike is 120 EUR per semester. You can find more information in our FAQ in the section Facilities and Services.

Fire and theft insurance:

You can find more information in our FAQ in the section Facilities and Services.

Lock out or lost key

Your Post delivery

During your stay it is possible to have things delivered to your home. Using the intercom in your room, you can give the delivery people access to your entrance. After you have ordered something from a company, you will receive a time and date when the delivery will take place. So it is important that you are present at the specified time. Unfortunately, it is not possible to have packages delivered to our office.

Below you can see which address you need to link to your house number:

* You can fill in your room number on the X

Building A (1-111C):

  • Ubbo Emmiuslaan X

  • 8917 JA, Leeuwarden

Building B (113-243):

  • Ubbo Emmiuslaan X

  • 8917 JB, Leeuwarden

Building C (245-405):

  • Ubbo Emmiuslaan X

  • 8917 JC, Leeuwarden

Building D (447-661):

  • Ubbo Emmiuslaan X

  • 8917 JD, Leeuwarden

Building Kanaalstraat (17 - 139):

  • Kanaalstraat X

  • 8933 AL, Leeuwarden

Building Stationsweg (15 - 15H8):

  • Stationweg X

  • 8911 AG, Leeuwarden

Example Campus:

You live in apartment 1. Your address is the following:

Ubbo Emmiuslaan 1, 8917JA, Leeuwarden

Example Stationsweg:

Please make sure that you do not use only the number 15 for your address. Always add the letter and number after it where you actually live. If you live e.x. in 15g3, please enter this address as your mailing address, otherwise the letters will not arrive in your mailbox.

Mail that is not addressed to you

If you have received letters or packages with a different name in your mailbox, they are probably intended for a neighbor or the previous tenant. Please do not open these letters or packages. Please always bring the post to our office or drop them in our mailbox 7 Ubbo Emmiuslaan, 8917JA Leeuwarden. We thank you!

Power outage

It may happen that you experience a power failure which means you have no electricity in your room, apartment or kitchen anymore. 


You can follow some steps here before contacting our office:

  1. Please look at the electricity box above your entrance door and look if some fuses have popped out.

  2. Unplug all plugs from the outlets, such as the cell phone charging cord, microwave oven and so on. In particular, please unplug the electric kettle.

  3. In case a couple of fuses had popped out, push them back up and hold them up briefly

Heating and Ventilation

All campus accommodation has underfloor heating with the latest technology. The heating in all accommodations goes to a maximum of 23 degrees. You can reduce the heating at any time. If the display indicates that the battery needs to be changed, please come to our office to pick up new batteries. 

It may happen that the heating sometimes shows a little less than 23 degrees. Be sure to close the small vent above your windows and close the windows if you are too cold. 

Ventilation is always on in buildings A, B, and C on campus. You will have a ventilation point in your bathroom, on the kitchen ceiling as well as on the cooking hood. If you don't hear air noise from the range hood, it is still working. It is just very quiet. In buildings D and E ventilation is digitally adjustable. In the buildings Kanaalstraat and Stationsweg the ventilation is also automatic.


How does this work?

Do you have any questions about the systems you need to use on a daily basis? You can check some instruction videos here! 

Contract extension

In case you made only a half year contract and you want to stay another semester, do not forget to extend in your online profile under "my contract". The deadline to extend it is the 30th of March for the winter semester and the 31st of October for the summer semester.

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