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Tenant insights

Are you a Student Stay tenant or do you plan to become one? Then get some insights here!

You have a maintenance request?

Are you planning a party or meeting? 



Update 22.04.2024  Accommodation for August 2024!

The Campus accommodations (next to NHL Stenden) for August are published on the website since 1st of April.

The last 45 Kanaalstraat accommodations for the campus Fryslan Bachelor students (RUG) will be posted on Monday 29th of April at 12 noon.  

Our Downtown accommodations (City center) will be published on 6th of May at 3 pm.  

Update 12.04.2024  Booking Update!

Hi there!

We started our booking period on Easter Monday. A couple of hundred accommodations are already posted. We have received already lots of bookings which are are going to check within the next 2 weeks.

There are still plenty of accommodations online. 

If you dont find a suitable one, dont worry! If some accommodations get cancelled, we are publishing them again!

If you have booked two accommodations, please let us know your preference. The other bookings we will cancel for you and only continue with your preferred choice. Please make sure to not book more than 2 accommodations at the same time!

Update 12.02.2024 Correct use of toilets!

Please remember that it is not allowed to throw anything other than toilet paper into the toilet. Please do not throw plastic, small cosmetic tissues or other material into the toilet. Otherwise the toilet system will block and no longer work! Thank you for your understanding!

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