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Book our party rooms!

Rent equipment for your event:

(only Campus Party Room)


Just let us know by adding a message to your booking below. Make the party unforgettable!

Speaker M with subwoofer:

Type: JBL Speaker310

Price: 30€ per event

Speaker XL with subwoofer:

Type: JBL Speaker1000

Price: 60€ per event

Light machine S:

Type: Disco lamp with colors and strobe

Price 20€ per event

Light machine L:

Type: LED RGB Showlight 4-5 Tri-LED with stand, controller (DMX), strobe

Price: 40€ per event

Campus party contract

Kanaalstraat party contract

1. Party Room Campus (For all StudentStay tenants)

2. Party Room Kanaalstraat (only for Kanaalstraat tenants)

Looking to host a party or gathering? StudentStay offers a party room in the basement of Building A on the campus, that you can book free of charge for Fridays and Saturdays. All you need to do is pay a cash deposit of 50 € which will be returned to you if you leave the room in an absolutely clean and tidy condition.  



If you want to book the party rooms, just scroll down and check if it is available on one of the Fridays or Saturdays of your choice. The time slot for the party always starts at 16:00 (4 pm), because that's when you get access to the party rooms. Once you find a day that fits, choose the correct party room and continue with a click on "Next", fill out the form and finish with "Book Now".

At the bottom of this page you will find the rental contracts. Please fill in the correct information and sign it. Once you have signed the contract, please email it to us. A few days before the event you will need to come to our office to pay the deposit of 50 €.

The party room may only be booked by StudentStay tenants. The Kanaalstraat party room exclusively for Kanaalstraat tenants.


We will then give you access to the room from 4 pm the day of the event until 2 pm the following day! 

Get ready to have some fun in our party room! :)


Your party time slot

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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