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Explore the city of Leeuwarden

Leeuwarden is a charming and historic city located in the northern Netherlands. As the capital of the Friesland province, it is known for its rich cultural heritage, beautiful architecture and picturesque canals. The city has a total of 130.000 inhabitants.  

Leeuwarden is also known for its vibrant arts and culture scene. In 2018, the city was named as the European Capital of Culture, which brought a year-long program of events and performances celebrating the city's cultural diversity and creativity. Throughout the year, there are many festivals and events taking place in Leeuwarden. 

In addition to all cultural offerings, Leeuwarden has a bustling nightlife with many bars, cafes and restaurants. Whether you're looking for a cosy pub, a refreshing cocktail, or a delicious local meal? You will find it in Leeuwarden! 

Leeuwarden is an excellent choice for anyone looking to study in the Netherlands. With its top-ranked universities, affordable living costs, vibrant student community and central location it's the perfect place to have an unforgettable student experience.

There are many things to see and do in Leeuwarden! Here are a few must-see attractions. 

Oldehoven Leeuwarden.jpeg

Visit the Oldehove, Leeuwarden's famous leaning tower. Climb to the top for a stunning view of the city.  

Explore the Fries Museum, which showcases the history and culture of Friesland 

Fries Museum Leeuwarden.jpeg
Terraces Leeuwarden.jpeg

The terraces offer beautiful views and a fun atmosphere to relax with friends. It's easily accessible by bike or public transport!  

Check out the Blokhuispoort, a former prison that has been transformed into a cultural center with restaurants, cafes and shops. Next to this there is also a public library located! A great place to read, study or just relax. 

Blockhuispoort Leeuwarden.jpeg

Hire a boat and cruise through the canals of Leeuwarden from a unique perspective. It's a great way to have a nice time with your friends to create lasting memories.  

Leeuwarden (4).jpeg

Public transport 

Leeuwarden has an extensive public transportation system consisting of buses and trains. It's a reliable and convenient way to get around. The buses run frequently and there are many different routes you can take to get to your destination.  

The trains are also a good option if you want to travel to other cities in the Netherlands. Public transport is affordable and easy to use. You can download the apps ''NS'' and ''9292'' to look for a travel which fits your schedule.  

The easiest way to find the right travel route is Google maps route. When you choose the two locations, and press on the train they will search the best route. 


How to get a job? 


There are several websites and apps where you can search for jobs. Some popular options are LinkedIn, Vacature Leeuwarden, YoungOnes, Temper and Recruit a student. The last two mentioned apps are specifically for students who are interested in part-time jobs.  

Popular jobs for students in Leeuwarden are working in the hospitality industry, delivering food/packages throughout the city and working in a supermarket. It really depends on your skills, interests and availability.  

About the shops 

There are many different types of stores in Leeuwarden! For groceries, there are several supermarkets, such as Albert Heijn and Jumbo. For household items, there are stores like Blokker and Action. In the city centre you can find a wide range of stores for clothing. There are stores like H&M, Zara and C&A. 

If you're looking for second-hand items, there are several stores, such as a Kringloopwinkel. Additionally, there are several online marketplaces, such as Marktplaats and Facebook Marketplace where you can buy and sell items.  

*Misschien doorverwijzen naar hoe je pakketjes kan laten bezorgen op je adres. 

About sport 


As a student in Leeuwarden, there are many options for staying active and exercising. When you search for a gym, there will pop up a lot of options. Do you prefer the distance, price or facilities?  

Leeuwarden has several swimming pools, but one of the most popular is Zwembad De Blauwe Golf. The pool is at 5 minutes walking distance from the campus! Swimming becomes a true experience in subtropical swimming pool. Brave the waves in the wave pool, whiz down one of the water slides or relax in the extra heated whirlpools. 

You can also go for a walk and explore the city. There are parks near by the city center, such as Julianapark, Westerpark and Prinsentuin. The beautiful walking routes in and around the city are highly recommended! 

If you like to watch sports, you can visit a football match of SC Cambuur. SC Cambuur is playing football in the highest league of the Netherlands, the Eredivisie. You can also go to a basketball match of Aris Leeuwarden. Aris Leeuwarden plays also at the highest level in the Netherlands.  

What to do in your spare time? 

There are many fun things to do in Leeuwarden! When you are into art there are several museums, you can visit. The most popular one is the Fries Museum. This museum has a large collection of Frisian art and culture. If you are into music, you can attend a concert at the Neushoorn/Harmonie.  

Leeuwarden has a bustling nightlife and a large number of bars, cafes and restaurants to choose from. If you're looking for a place to dance, you can head to the Doelesteeg.  

You can enjoy the beautiful summer months at the Prinsentuin city park. You can also rent a boat and have a nice view through the canals of Leeuwarden. For example, Greenjoy offers very nice options to rent a boat.  

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