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About the Loft

The Loft has an extra high ceiling. A stair leads to a second mezzanine floor. The mezzanine adds a lot of extra space to this room and offers a great place to sleep. 

The Loft includes your own private bathroom with a shower, toilet and a sink and your own kitchen area with a microwave-combination, stove, sink, and refrigerator. Pots, pans and cutlery are not included.


At most of the accommodations at Kanaalstraat you can apply for housing subsidies. 

The accommodation you book at Kanaal Straat is fully furnished. A bed, desk, chairs, and cabinets in addition to a kitchen are all included. The bed has a size of either 90cm*200cm or 140cm*200cm, depending on the room size.


Within the building the following facilities are available:
• A laundry room with washing machines, dryers and ironing facilities 
• A vacuum cleaner on each floor 

Campus life
Campus Kanaalstraat is a residential complex for 1st year students of Campus Fryslan only. No upper-year students or students from other universities are allowed to book this accommodation. This means living with all your fellow students on 3 floors together.

All inclusive
The payments for all utilities like heating, electricity, water and internet are included in your rent.  


Please note that the pictures shown here do not represent this particular studio. It is only an example. Please take a look at the floor plans on our home page (Accommodation section) to see where this studio is located, on what floor, and on what side of the building, as well as to see the layout.

*We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the square footage on the floor plans.

87D Kanaalstraat Loft

  • You pay a deposit of 1.000€ and administration costs of 55€ as a one-time cost. We will send you the invoice by email. Once your contract ends, we will transfer the deposit back to you.

    The rental price for this accommodation is shown above. This price is to be paid per month. It includes the basic rent and all utilities like electricity, heating, and water. Furthermore, it includes the costs of the internet (Wi-Fi) as well as the use of our common rooms. Your accommodation is furnished. These costs are also included. In short, all-inclusive!

  • This accommodation at Kanaalstraat is exclusively for 1st year students from Campus Fryslan (University of Groningen) in Leeuwarden. Students from other universities or in a higher academic year may not book accommodations at Kanaalstraat.

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