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Before your departure

All the information before you leave Student Stay!

Please read the following information very carefully. It is important that all steps are followed, and that we receive all necessary documents via Email before you check out.

The steps

Delivery of the room

Returning the keys + garbage card

Notice of de-registration/notice of relocation


Receiving your deposit


The room must be in perfect condition.This means: in the same condition as it was when you moved in. Please make sure that the room is perfectly clean and that all personal properties have been removed. We also expect to find no damages to the room/house. In case your room comes with shared areas, we expect the same from these areas.Make sure that you (together with the other tenants of the apartment) clean the kitchen (incl. kitchen cabinets and refrigerator), bathroom, toilet, and hallways.

Video will be added soon


The rented furniture must be complete and undamaged. Most damaged furniture cannot be repaired and needs to be replaced completely. If you already know that you damaged furniture or if something is missing, we would appreciate if you let us know well in advance.

Donation of second-hand items

If you have purchased additional services a bed linen package you do not need to return these. You have bought these items and they are yours to keep. We do not want you to leave anything personal of you in the room. Please sell, donate or throw them away if you do not need them anymore. You can bring your items to Estafette in case you want to donate them and give it a second life.

Removal of bulky waste

If you want Omrin to remove your bulky waste from your house, do not forget to register via or via the Omrin Afvalapp. Bulky waste is collected three times a year free of charge.

Returning the keys + garbage card

You need to hand in your key(s) in time.
This means: on the last day of your rental agreement no later than 9 AM (in the morning). Please double check the end-date in your profile.

You need to hand in the key(s) at our office at the address: Ubbo Emmiuslaan 7, 8917 JA Leeuwarden.
Place the key in an envelope, provided with your name and address of the room and place it in the mailbox of StudentStay which is number 7. In case that the office is manned, this is also possible.
In case you hand in the key(s) too late, we charge €50. Not handing in the key(s) at all means no refund of deposit.

Do not forget to hand in the garbage card together with the key(s). Please do not leave the card in the room.
If you do not have your garbage card anymore, please contact us.

Notice of de-registration / emigration

You have registered yourself at the municipality of Leeuwarden. It is very important that you also de-register. Not doing this will cause problems for you, for us, and for the future tenant that has booked your room.

Please sign out of your address (de-registration). This is of utmost importance for you, for us and for the municipality. If you move to another location within Leeuwarden, please use this link:

If you are leaving the Netherlands and moving your address to another country, please use this link:

End inspection

After we have received the keys, we will do an end-inspection in the room.

We will send a cleaning company to clean the room and the communal areas if it is not fully cleaned. Be aware that this can be expensive. Cleaning is more time consuming than you might think, also for a small room.

If things are not in order, the costs for cleaning and/or reparation will be deducted from your deposit. In this case you will receive an end-inspection report with photos and a specification of the (repair/cleaning)costs.

We advise you to also take photos yourself, when you leave your room, as proof of how you left it. 

Receiving the deposit

Your deposit will be returned within 4 weeks after the end date of your rental contract. We want to kindly ask you to not call or e-mail us about your deposit before this 4-week reimbursement period has expired. If you have not received your deposit after these 4 weeks, please read our updates on the insight section.

Before you hand in the keys, we want to ask you to add your bankdetails. Please follow the link:

You can decide for yourself on which bank account you want to receive the deposit. If your bank is from a SEPA country we only need your name and IBAN. For other countries, we need more details. Without your bank information, we are not able to transfer the deposit. Please not that the costs of a non-EU transfer are paid by the recipient.

Not filling in your bankdetails in time, incorrect or not at all, leads to you not receiving your deposit back in time. There is no automatic action taken from StudentStay's side if your bank details are incomplete, incorrect or not passed on.
You are therefore fully responsible for passing on the correct bank details.
It is legally not allowed to settle your last month of rent with your deposit.

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