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Before your arrival

All the information before you move to us!

Add your arrival time

To secure your check-in at StudentStay, please enter the date and time of your arrival. Please click on the button below. Please do so until 22nd of January 6 pm. Thank you!


The Wifi password for every floor and building is staywireless. Please do not set up any own router in between as they will interfere with the remaining network!

In building D and E the Wi-Fi is personalized for each room. Please take a look at your pinboard on the wall and use this Wi-Fi password.

Cooking vent & Extractor

The extractors are working with a vacuum system which does not make a sound. It is also connected to a measuring unit, that detects how much you are cooking. The extraction is then either powered up or down. No cooking = no function of the vent.


The emergency phone-number in the Netherlands is 112. Please call this number in case you need the Police, an Ambulance or in case of fire. In case of fire: Please bring yourself to safety and close the front door of your apartment. Call the emergency number 112 and get outside.

Medical emergencies: call 112. We have an AED at our office, in case of an heart attack. If our officeis closed, there is a second AED in the Gym building "Bewegingscentrum". For medical issues that are not life threatening: We have information about how to contact a doctor on the pinboard in the hallway of building A (next to our office staff entrance). Keep in mind that an ambulance normally comes for life threatening situations and involves high costs.

Building and rooms

These buildings have a Label A++ rating. Geothermal heat is used to heat the floors and 40 % of all electricity is coming from solar energy. The other 60% of electricity is generated by wind power. You can safe energy by closing your windows when you leave, switching off the lights and you electrical devices. The buildings are the first student housing buildings in the Netherlands with a Breaam "very good" rating.

All rooms have safety standards. One of those is the smoke detector. It is illegal to cover the smoke detector or to tamper with it in any other way. If you accidentally set off the smoke alarm while cooking, please be patient as the alamr will set itself off after the smoke is gone. You can open a window for ventilation. If you live in building C (the highest one) do not open your front door if smoke evolves from cooking. The building has a central evacuation system, so please do not trigger it in case of false alarm. Smoking is of course, strictly prohibited in all inside areas!

Your key gives you access to the open spaces, bike shed, and laundry room in your building. Tenants from building A, B and C have access to all three buildings


The heating system in your room is limited to 23 degrees. The system works with floor heating, you will not find a radiator in your room. Like most buildings in the Netherlands this building does not contain air-conditioning.


Your room should contain a garbage card, or you should have gotten it during check in. Sometimes the previous tenant left it in the kitchen cabinets. However, if you cannot find it, please send us an email with your room number and we will order a new one. After 7-14 days this new card will be delivered to your mailbox in an envelope printed "Omrin" on it. In the meanwhile we have a spare card at the office for you to throw away your garbage.

If you have lost your garbage card, please inform us as soon as possible. We will create a new card for you, for which we will charge you 15 €.

It is strictly prohibited to throw trash next to the container. If the container is blocked or full, Omrin (the trash company) will come automatically to fix it. On littering, is huge governmental fine.

You also do pay garbage taxes that are depending on your usage. The taxes are linked to your card.


The windows can only be opened in a vertical position. This cannot be changed as StudentStay needs to follow security guidelines. If your window opens horizontally, please inform us by email and we will send someone to fix it.

The windows get cleaned twice a year (in around January and September) by a professional company.

Building C Toilet System

The toilet system is working with a vacuum. It is forbidden to throw anything else than toilet paper into the toilet !!! Please dispose everything else in the normal trash. Not following that rule, can lead to serious blockages of the systems pump and a total failure of the system in the building.

Paying your rent

On the 1st of each month you will receive an email with the invoice for the rent. Please make sure to pay the rent as soon as possible.

How exactly you pay:

Please conduct a (international) bank transfer. Make sure to use the correct reference number and fill it in the description field in your banktrasnfer. The recipient is the bold words on the top left of the invoice. For example: Studenthuisvesting Leeuwarden 5 BV. Include the correct IBAN and correct rental amount on the invoice and click on send. Note to only include the reference code, nothing else!


Our opening hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. The office is closed on weekends. Please note that we offer 24/7 service, which allows you to contact us for important questions or emergencies outside office hours and on weekends!

Pre-orders and shops nearby

If you ordered bedlinen, these should be in your room. Please contact us if they are not. If you did not pre-rdered this, you can still buy them at our office.

For pots and pans or dishes, you can easily buy them yourself at the stores Action, HEMA or Blokker.

If you did not pre-ordered a bike with StudentStay, you can still ask our office if there are bikes left for rental. If not you can rent bikes easily on a monthly basis at Swapfiets. Sometimes the bike shops or "Maarktplaats"(Dutch Ebay) sell second hand bikes. Try "Fietsstation 058" or "Fietsspecialist Meindert". For a new bike please visit "Decathlon".


You or your guests can park for free at the "second" parking plot, next to the climbing hall. In case your guests park at the main parking plot, they can leave for free within 1 hour.

If you have a student card of the NHLStenden, you pay 1 Euro per day for parking. All other vehicles pay 2,50 Euros per day.

Governmental Administration

After you have checked in, you need to register at the city all within 3 working days.

After you have registered at the municipality, you can open a dutch bank account. This is highly advised as it makes your stay in the Netherlands so much more convenient. You can open a bank account at many banks, for example ING Bank or ABN Amro Bank. After you have received you bank card you can make use of the dutch paying system "iDeal".

Once per year, our government issues invoices for taxes. Those taxes are not included in the rental price. However, as a student with low income, you can ask for a tax exemption. Please see our section at During your Stay for a detailed explanation.

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