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Do you rent with someone else?

All information for several tenants in one apartment

If you plan to rent accommodation with a second person, please note that in most accommodations there is only one bed. Renting it with your partner is quite possible, but simply with a friend or fellow student can be difficult in one bed (140 cm x 200 cm). Then rather take the option of a shared apartment, a larger loft or a large suite, where two or more rooms with separate beds are available.

Our rental agreements state in section 2.2. that the rented object is designated for use as temporary residential accommodation for 1 person maximum. This rental contract cannot be amended, but a rental agreement addendum can be prepared for a second or third potential tenant so that you can rent together:

What we need from the second or third tenant:

We need a profile from the second or third tenant on our website. Please create it here. The main tenant needs to send us an e-mail to letting us know the e-mail address with which the second or third tenant registered on our website. 

Rental contract for several tenants:

There is always only one person who signs the lease contract. This person is the main tenant and pays the full rent to Student Stay. The second and/or third tenant will pay the shared amount back to the primary tenant privately. We will create an appendix (additional rental contract document) for all tenants to sign. With this addendum and the primary tenant's rental contract in combination, anyone can register at the municipality.

Rental cost adaption:

If a second or third tenant rents with you, we do not increase the rental price. No further fees or utility costs are charged.

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